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Vertical Adjustment Carrier For U Type Bench
SKU Code: B1004
Vertical adjustment carrierRange40 mmType rack and pinionPositioning 3/100th of mm  Max. load 0.6kg
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Vertical Adjustment Stand
SKU Code: B4016
Very useful for precisely adjusting the height. In addition, it fits varying optical axes heights.Max. load 2kgColumn ...
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Vertical Carrier 40Mm
SKU Code: B2004
This carrier unables a vertical adjustment much more precise than the manual alignment of the rod. It also gives a larger ...
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Vertical Magnetic Adjustable Stand
SKU Code: B5240
Magmax adjustment standColumn H40mm for rod Ø10mmRange 40 mmPositioning 3/100th of mmMagnetic force 12kgMax. Load ...
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View Finder On Rod
SKU Code: D0040
The sight enables the user to find out with precision the plane in which the image is located. The rated sight distance ...
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Waveplate 560 Nm
SKU Code: A6015
To use with a simple glass colored filter or LED incandescent light source.These waveplates are used for most ...
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White Fibered Source
SKU Code: C5280
For absorption measurements, this source is recommanded with the collimated holder C5285.Delivered with fiber ...
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White Led Lantern
SKU Code: C1610
This source has been designed to carry out, in very good conditions, all experiments that require a white source.Very ...
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White Metal Screen
SKU Code: A5010
Dimensions 200x200 mmMaterial painted steelScreen holder Ø10 mm L70 mm rodGraduations10x10 cm on one side
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White Screen 15Cm X 15Cm
SKU Code: A5015
White screen 15x15 cm A5015Dimensions 150x150 mmGrid  10x10 cm one sideMaterial white plasticScreen holder Ø10mm ...
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White Screen For Basix Bench
SKU Code: A5060
The sreens can be placed in the groove of the Basix carriersWhite ScreenDimensions 150x150 mm           Scale on 1 ...
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X-Y Adjustable Holder
SKU Code: B0141
The adjustment in X and Y allows in particular the alignment of a laser chip, alignment of components, the adjustment ...
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X-Y Adjustment Holder
SKU Code: B0150
X-Y adjustment holderAccepted Ø  80mm Type bead tighteningUseful diam. 38mm AdjustmentX and Y - precision ...
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X-Y Adjustment Holder
SKU Code: B0140
This component holder is with X-Y adjustment is the perfect tool when the component requires a precise adjustment ...
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X-Y Adjustment Mirror Holder
SKU Code: B0160
X - Y adjustment holderAccepted Diam. 40mm Type bead tighteningUseful diameter 38mmAdjustement X and Y - precision ...
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X-Y Carrier On 60Mm
SKU Code: B2011
X-Z Prismax carrierLenght 50 mmMax. load 0.8kg * X    moving        :Type rack and pinion                           ...
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X-Y Fine Adjustment Lens Holder
SKU Code: B0115
B0115 : With adjustment on rodThread standard objectiveSupport Ø10 L 130 mm rodRange 3 mm for X – 3 mm for Y
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X-Y Stage On Rod
SKU Code: B0072
X-Y stage on rodSupport Ø10mm L70 mmMax Load 0.8kg* X    moving        :Type rack and pinion                        ...
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X-Z Adjustable Stand
SKU Code: B4018
X-Z adjustable standColumn summit 210 to 250mmMax Load 2kgLateral scale every mmType rack and pinionLateral range +/- ...
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X-Z Carrier
SKU Code: B2012
X-Z Prismax carrierLenght 50 mm    Max. load 0.6kg * X    moving        :                               Type rack and ...
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X-Z Carrier For U Type Bench
SKU Code: B1006
X-Z carrierLateralRange 60mm (+/-30mm)             Graduation. Every mm          VerticalRange 40mm Max load ...
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Y Carrier On 60Mm
SKU Code: B2010
This carrier is perfect for the high precision search of a focalization point, especially with the use of ...
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Yellow Laser 594 Nm
SKU Code: C2050
This wavelenght is rarely used for He-Ne lasers. It provides a beam of high quality for wave optic experiments.    ...
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