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360 Clix Mounting
SKU Code: B0067
For very simple experiments in polarization, the system CLIX 360 permits, with a single graduated holder, to use any ...
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650 Nm Laser On Rod Adjustable And Adaptable With Audio Input
SKU Code: C2210
This laser diode will allow you to do almost everything:     You can adapt the laser intensity to the sensitivity of ...
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650 Nm Magnetic Line Laser (With Power Supply) + G Model
SKU Code: E5462
Optical waveguide model 200 mm long and 20 mm wide. Provided with a laser line class II at 650 nm and its power supply. ...
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Analog 2048 Pixels CCD Array
SKU Code: C5515
This type of sensor is used in barcode readers, scanners ... It is useful for both measures (diffraction and ...
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Ccd Sensor 3648 Pixels USB
SKU Code: C5510
Get immediate results !Connect your device and get your face right away.> Easy to use and practicalBuilt-in wizards ...
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Clix Holder
SKU Code: B0066
Clix system:allows: - a rapid implementation of the component, even with dim light, a centered position, stable and ...
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Clix Holder Ring For Components Diam 40Mm
SKU Code: A0066
Clix system:allows: - a rapid implementation of the component, even with dim light, a centered position, stable and in ...
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Clix Polarization Set 360
SKU Code: A6600
For simple experiments on polarization (extinction, penalty law, delay blades), the Clix 360 system allows graduated with ...
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Diffraction Kit Level 1: Laser Token 532 Nm With Power Supply
SKU Code: C2076
The figures obtained are brighter green laser at 650 nm (beam emitted smaller and better sensitivity of the eye to ...
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Diffraction Kit Level 1: Red Laser Token 650 Nm With Power Supply
SKU Code: C2061
Kit diffraction adaptable sur la plupart des bancs et procurant des figures de très bonne qualité.Compatibilité Tous ...
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Enclosure For Liquids L = 20Cm
SKU Code: A6050
Mounted on 10mm rod diameter, you can use this transparent glass enclosure to perform polarimetry experiments on bench ...
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Fabry-Perot Complete Pw
SKU Code: T2560
The interferometer is supplemented by sources, lenses and camera observation. The implementation is straightforward and ...
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Fiber Adapters
SKU Code: A9048
Threaded accessory for laser with M20 extremity
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Fiber Transmission Set With Adjustable Laser 650Nm
SKU Code: T5330
Transmission of a signal by optical means is provided by a modular laser, adjustable in intensity and focus. The ...
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Fixed Newton's Rings System
SKU Code: A9215
This device can measure a very small distance via an interferometric process. The curvature of a refracting surface ...
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Instructional Camera
SKU Code: M1430
The implementation of a educational system "digital image sensor" brings a synthesis of many concepts covered in the new ...
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Lateral Carrier For Basix Bench
SKU Code: B6052
Carrier with lateral adjustment allowing the precise positioning of a slit on the laser beam path.Positioning 5/100th ...
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Lcd By Transmission And Mounting
SKU Code: A6040
The display is a liquid crystal at concrete application of polarisation.Our LCD display allows to implement a real ...
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Lcd System With Pw Instructions
SKU Code: A6045
This 4-digit LCD display, controllable voltage, allows you to study the polarization of key applications. The manual ...
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Lighting Magnifying Glass
SKU Code: M1210
High quality magnifier designed to make measurements in the dark (vernier positions goniometers, micrometers of ...
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Microlithographic Token With 12 Simple Radial Slits
SKU Code: A3017
New microlithographied token. Radial positioning for diffraction. CLIX coupled to the system, you no longer need to go ...
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Photometric Practical
SKU Code: T4215
The spectrometer may be supplemented by a photometric sensor that also allows conventional spectrometric analyzes, to the ...
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Protective Cover Interferometer Size
SKU Code: Z1420
Protective cover for Michelson interferometerDimensions intérieures (cm) 60x29x29Material: reinforced thermo welded ...
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Protective Cover Spectrogoniometer Size
SKU Code: Z1410
Protective cover for spectrogoniometerDimensions intérieures (cm) 45x35x25Material: reinforced thermo welded ...
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