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Pvc Panel Laser Safety
SKU Code: M1150
Report the presence and use of lasers in your workshop rooms by PVC panel.Dimensions 350 x 125 mmThickness 1.5 mmPVC ...
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Set Of 2 A4 Plaques
SKU Code: A6001
Sufficiently rigid to be manipulated and large enough to be watched in a classroom. It is ideal for qualitative and ...
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Set Without Sensor Nor Holder
SKU Code: C5513
The distance measurement by optical methods can be done either by flight time (measurement time between a pulse and its ...
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Spectrogoniometer With Autocollimator (Digital Measurement)
SKU Code: E4817
The spectrogoniomètre E4807 allows the study and characterization ofchromatic dispersion systems, that is to say mainly ...
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Thin Separating Blade
SKU Code: A4211
Splitter for splitting an incoming beam into two beams of similar intensity.Diameter 40 mm        Thickness 1 mm
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