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1,2M Ovio Basics Equipped Bench

SKU Code: B6120

If you wish to carry out basic experiments (geometric optics, diffraction by a slit ...) with the ease of use of Ovio materials, Basix range is for you.
For these simple experiments, the precision equipment is oversized. We offer quality Ovio benches and accessories at very affordable prices.
Complete package for the geometrical optics experiments to one or more lenses. May be completed with additional kits for the study of diffraction and prisms.
Bench 2 m or 1.2 m with feet
4 single riders
40W equivalent LED Source
Accessories source condenser object "d"
Supports 2 x lens holder / slides
White Screen 15x15cm (graduated side)


converging lenses 50, 100, 200 mm
-100 mm diverging lens
F + mirror 200, plane mirror