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405 Nm Laser Adjustable / Adaptable With Audio Input - Class Ii

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Banned for student use. Requires the use of safety glasses.

The blue laser has a wavelength highly differentiated with respect to green and red lasers. Warning, the eye is less sensitive to this wavelength, the beam can seem less dangerous. The use of this laser therefore requires specific information to teachers and students. Allows many fluorescence applications.

 This laser diode will allow you to do almost everything:

    You can adapt the laser intensity to the sensitivity of the detector.
    Modulating the intensity of the beam makes it possible to optically convey an audio signal (or modulated AM / FM ...).
    The focus of the beam can be adjusted to work extended or focused beam according to the desired experiments.
  • Wavelength 405 nm Class IIIa
  • Power supply 5 V DC (transformer. Supplied)
  • 0-100% adjustment potentiometer
  • Mixed modulation  0-1V / 10Hz to 300kHz (-3dB)
  • Maintaining stem Ø10 L 100 mm