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Ccd Sensor 3648 Pixels USB

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Get immediate results !
Connect your device and get your face right away.

> Easy to use and practical

Built-in wizards when performing manipulations
Accessible and powerful features
Ability to save your data in the internal memory
Instantaneous up filters with the Clix system

> High quality results
A dynamic offering 65536 16bit accuracy levels
High signal stability
Accuracy of your measurements: 1 pixel every 0.8 microns

 > Direct Comparison Theory
Graphical and numerical modeling
Predefined templates sinus cardinal, Young slits
Resistance foolproof
Extremely robust metal structure
5 year warranty!
> Achievable experimentss
Analysis and measurement of diffraction by a slit / hole
Analysis and Measurement of Young's interference,
Acquisition time the beat of the Sodium doublet
Scanning a barcode

> Main technical features:
Dimension and weight 133 x 120 x 60 mm, 600 g, all-metal structure
Resolution 3600 pixels, a pixel all 8μm on 30mm
Adjustable integration time of 0.1 ms to 60 s, extremely wide sensitivity
Toshiba linear CCD linear 3600 pixels
Filters supplied attenuators 2: 1 / 10th and 1 / 1000th
USB 2.0 interface - supplied cable
Embedded software, starting when reconnecting the unit
compatible with Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Seven / 8 32 and 64 bit
Free updates

 For more information see the brochure Temperature sensor linear CCD camera