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Classic Goniometer With Autocollimator

SKU Code: E2210

This device permits a good introduction to goniometry. This goniometer is adjustable and has many functions that permit quality experiments.

Key experiments:
    Characterization of a network, a prism
    Study rays spectra
    Minimum deflection of a prism

 Allows a simple approach to direction finding, this device has all the settings and functions that enable quality experimentss.

Weight 9kg
200mm Diameter base
220x240mm Tray dimension
Optical axis height 180mm
Readability 30 seconds of arc
The device has two arms up:
  *  a collimated adjustable opening slot
  * adjustable to focus riflescope

This goniometer may also be equipped with an autocollimator telescope with all new lighting to LEDs retractable. It comes with all the accessories and supports necessary to achieve your experimentss goniometry.