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High Michelson Interferometer

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    Of space, optical contact, air space
    Laser spectral lamp, white source
    Coherence measure, bandwidth
    Index measurement and thickness of a thin blade
    Measuring the air index

This great arm interferometer is an economical alternative to the course demonstration interferometer.

Running both laser that white light interferometer student allows the realization of all the main experimentss of the program.

The space freed up between the mirrors and the splitter also authorizes experimentss and PW difficult to implement measures on other types of interferometers.



Dimensions H300 x L200 x l400
Weight 8kg
Aluminum and steel material, black anodized
High optical axis. 22cm or 34cm
Ø22mm mirrors
Separating ø50mm
Compensatory ø50mm
Flatness? / 10
XY mirrors Settings centered precision screw
Setting comp. X-Y precision screw
Vernier analog, 1 / 100th
Translation by ball bearing table
25mm range movement
Magnetic restoring force
IR heat absorbing protective glass at the entrance
Stability silentbloc feet Vibration