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Absorption Chamber For Spectrometer
SKU Code: C5350
Convenient and flexible The cell holder is connected in two different ways: at the end of the fiber (the spectrometer ...
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Amplified Photosensor: Photodiode
SKU Code: C5110
Sensor on rod for measuring continuous or slowly varying light output for common educational experimentss (polarization ...
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Analog 2048 Pixels CCD Array
SKU Code: C5515
This type of sensor is used in barcode readers, scanners ... It is useful for both measures (diffraction and ...
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Collimated Sma Fiber Holder
SKU Code: C5292
Support on rod for optical fiber withSMA connector. The collimated version permits the transmission of areference beam ...
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Cylindrical Enclosure For Fluids Analysis With Suitable Holder
SKU Code: C5298
Glass cylindrical enclosure for fluid absorption measurements ..
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Filter Holder Windscreen + D01 Filter + Polarizer For Ovisio
SKU Code: C5011
Bonnette porte-filtre + filtre DO1 + polariseurLa bonnette facilite l’utilisationd’Ovisio dans des salles pour ...
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If Spectrovio Ii
SKU Code: C5360
Precision and performance3600 pixels, grating 600 lines/mmSpecral range 500nm - 1100nmResolution 16 bitsAutomatic ...
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Luxmeter Sensor On Rod
SKU Code: E3100
Light meter detachable sensor probe, ideal for polarization experiments, it can simply and quickly quantify the main ...
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Multifunctional Holder Dim 210X100mm Height 40Mm
SKU Code: C5290
6 positions support for making all possible configurations (transmission, reflection ...) analysis of objects with ...
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Physics-Chemistry Spectrovio
SKU Code: C5220
With the halogenous source, all chemical experiments can be carried out in optimal conditions. The direct use with an ...
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Practical Works Bolometer
SKU Code: C5610
The bolometer is a sensor sensitive to the temperature rise produced by the absorption of photons. It is a broadband ...
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Set Of Filters To Be Analyzed With Suitable Holder
SKU Code: C5296
The filters have different coating types: interfferential multilayer, hoya tinted… They can be studied in transmission, ...
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Simple Sma Fiber Holder
SKU Code: C5291
Support on rod for optical fiber with SMA connector. The collimated version permits the transmission of a reference beam ...
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Sma Plastic Fiber, 10M
SKU Code: C5281
Plastic fiber, available in various lenghtsFiber plasticConnector SMA 905
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Sma Plastic Fiber, 2M
SKU Code: C5282
Plastic fiber, available in various lenghtsFiber plasticConnector SMA 905
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Sma-Sma Connector
SKU Code: C5283
It permits the study of its characteristics: attenuation, injection losses.Female/female connectorConnector SMA ...
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SKU Code: C5310
+ Accurate : resolution <1 nm,+ Efficient : 3600 pixels, 16 bits, 350-900 nm+ Easy to use : software, no installation ...
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Spectrometer Hd
SKU Code: C5330
Make new experimentss with this HD spectrometer:        An incredible precision: the separate Doublet ...
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SKU Code: C5320
A spectrometer designed for chemistry:Multifunction module (10 mm cuvettes, slides, filters)Built directly on ...
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Spectrovio Fiber
SKU Code: C5210
Spectrovio is ideal for experiments and demonstrations on spectrum. It is a CCD detection device which can decompose in ...
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Thermal Camera
SKU Code: C5910
Helps to understand the generation of an infrared image from the raw image to the final colored thermal ...
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Uv-Vis Spectrovio Detector
SKU Code: C5230
Expand the scope of your spectrometry experiments with UV-Visible Spectrovio version.The UV-Visible version Spectrovio ...
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White Fibered Source
SKU Code: C5280
For absorption measurements, this source is recommanded with the collimated holder C5285.Delivered with fiber ...
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