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Colors, Spectrum, Goniometry

Accuracy Goniometer Autocollimator, Slit Coll.
SKU Code: E4803
Model with 2 arms, having all of the equipment of the E4807 template except for the auxiliary spectroscopy glasses. ...
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Basic Goniometry Experimental Set
SKU Code: T4410
The main set can address easily a fairly specialized technical measures angles and spectra that is the direction ...
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Bulb, Neon
SKU Code: A8470
Spectral bulb NEON (Ne)  E27 base
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Case Socket Ovio
SKU Code: C3140
OVIO the bulbs can be used in all experiments. Practical and economical, they are the new reference in the field.
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Classic Goniometer With Autocollimator
SKU Code: E2210
This device permits a good introduction to goniometry. This goniometer is adjustable and has many functions that permit ...
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Double Power Supply +Na+Hg
SKU Code: C3184
The sodium and mercury lamps are most commonly used. Sodium simultaneously provides a quasi-monochromatic reference and ...
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Fabry-Perot Complete Pw
SKU Code: T2560
The interferometer is supplemented by sources, lenses and camera observation. The implementation is straightforward and ...
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Heat-Absorption Filters, Diam 40Mm
SKU Code: A9080
Used for the protection of fragile components exposed to high heat intensities (halogen source type)Diameter ...
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Lighting Magnifying Glass
SKU Code: M1210
High quality magnifier designed to make measurements in the dark (vernier positions goniometers, micrometers of ...
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Protective Cover Spectrogoniometer Size
SKU Code: Z1410
Protective cover for spectrogoniometerDimensions intérieures (cm) 45x35x25Material: reinforced thermo welded ...
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Spectrogoniometer With Autocollimator (Digital Measurement)
SKU Code: E4817
The spectrogoniomètre E4807 allows the study and characterization ofchromatic dispersion systems, that is to say mainly ...
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Spectrum Analysis Practical
SKU Code: T4222
This experimental set will allow you to makespectrum analysis with a CCD spectrometer. This setcontains all the necessary ...
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