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Dip Coating Equipment

  • Variable Blower Unit 120

    The 120 incorporates a high-flow, low-pressure blower which is ideal for use with our 300 and 150R Fluidised Baths

  • 300 Fluidised Bath

    Our powder coated steel Fluidised Baths are designed to be filled with thermoplastic powder such as LDPE, Nylon or PPA. Low-pressure, high-volume is injected into the bath through the porous membrane in the floor of the bath. This aerates the powder, making it behave like a liquid, and allowing a pre-heated piece of metal to be dip coated in the powder.

  • 150R Fluidised Bath

    A powder coated steel fluidised bath which has a co-axial air inlet, allowing the powder to be aerated using the 120 Blower Unit, the Pressure Outlet from one of our Vacuum Forming Machines, or a suitably restricted compressed air supply.